February 28, 2009

You Know The Movie To Watch This Week (Week 14)

Yes, the long-awaited adaptation to the much lauded graphic novel is days away. Hell, I'm intrigued and I might even read the thing.

Anyway, it's set in an alternate America in the 80's. A man who formerly was a part of a disbanded vigilante group called the Watchmen was killed. Now, a guy named Rorschach (wow, prone to misspellings)- a part of this disbanded group- investigates, only to find a rather convoluted conspiracy which involves them and their past.

Visuals look amazing as all hell (I'm bent on watching this in IMAX) and that's because Zack Snyder (300 director) is at the helm once again. March 6, 2009 for the US, not sure for our shores.

February 25, 2009

Safari opens 4 beta

It's the proud granddaddy of the Private Browsing mode... it's Safari!

The public beta for the newest version of Apple's browser Safari is available for download for both Mac and Windows. There are some interesting new features that may somehow resemble other browsers such as:

Top Sites
Taking a cue from Chrome's home page and Opera's Speed Dial, Top Sites gives you an elegant view of the sites you visit the most.
This twist here, however is the fact that you can display up to 24 thumbnails, you can pin a site you like into a position so it will stay and place and you can see whether a site has new content when a star is clipped on the top-right of the website's thumbnail! That sounds really cool for people who usually go to sites like Twitter, Blogger, or any news site.

Cover Flow
While highly unnecessary, it's still pretty nice to be able to browse your history, bookmarks, etc. on this view. This way you are able to actually get a huge thumbnail of the website in question.
Full History Search
This feature lets you search your history as you saw it. If you remember a caption from a photo you viewed, or a shred of text in that site, you can type it and Safari finds it for you. Does it work well? Who knows, especially for Flash sites?

Tabs on top
Safari takes another page from Google Chrome- it puts its tabs on top to save precious screen real estate. Hell, it even adds the effing Plus button!

Spanking New Engine
Safari already renders sites pretty fast but the new Nitro Engine renders sites faster (theoretically, at least). Apple has some benchmarks, but why trust the benchmarks released by Apple itself? Let's wait for some third-party to do so.

Still, if you're interested in how much faster Safari is from the competition, it claims to be 30 times faster than Internet Explorer 7, 3 times faster than Firefox, and slightly, very slightly by just the thousandths digit, faster than Chrome. Don't know if this is true for real world conditions, but we'll see.

Native Windows Look and Feel
This is a big, big, big plus for Windows Safari users. Now Safari will adapt to Windows Aero or Windows XP's themes,a s well as their native fonts. Still, if you like the grey anti-aliased look of past Safari versions, you can choose that.
ABOVE: Windows Vista. BELOW: Windows XP.
Developer Tools
HTML coders can test web code on the spot with Safari's developer mode.

The Quintessential Awesome Bar
Firefox first offered the option for people to use the address bar to do almost anything. It can get you sites by name, by address, or by a snippet of the address.

Search Suggestions
Mac Safari offers the Inquisitor plug-in for this feature. Now, you probably wouldn't need it. Powered by Google, Safari automatically suggests search terms and search addresses.
Zoom ala iPhone
Multi-touch gestures on the new MacBooks are able to zoom text like the iPhone's version of Safari. You can also use this feature by clicking the Font increase button.
Better Standards Compliance- made even better
It passes the famous ACID test. A perfect 100.

February 23, 2009

81st Oscars reactions; balls are kept

So OK, who here didn't have a f-king clue that Slumdog Millionaire would win? Seriously, it won probably every single nomination it was given (Sound Editing is the only category it didn't win in), the movie's awesome as hell...

...and I get to keep my balls to myself.

Anyway, here's a full list of the winners if you didn't watch the ceremony. Starting from the all-important Best Picture, down to the more technical side of things.

Best Picture Winner: Slumdog Millionaire

Best Actor: Sean Penn (This was unexpected. I was rooting for Frank!)

Best Actress: Kate Winslet (Duh!)

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger (Another duh!)

Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz (The Academy still loves some spice; her performance was sizzling.)

Best Director: Danny Boyle (Foreshadowing of Best Picture winner FTW)

Best Animated Film: Wall-E (I'm sick of saying "Duh!", but Pixar is the best)

Best Documentary: Man on Wire 

Best Foreign Film: Departures (Forgive me for laughing at the acceptance speech; I'm so sorry)

Adapted Screenplay: Slumdog Millionaire

Original Screenplay: Milk

Best Original Score: Slumdog Millionaire (Truly exotic treat for the ears)

Best Original Song: Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire (The competitors: another Slumdog Millionaire song and Wall-E's credits song)

Best Make-up: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (This was a given.)

Best Editing: Slumdog Millionaire (The editing helps mesh the mishmash of genres together very, very well)

Best Sound Editing: The Dark Knight (Well, The Dark Knight had to win some other category, right?)

Best Sound Mixing: Slumdog Millionaire (Again, a treat for the senses.)

Best Special Effects: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Ah-mazing.)

February 22, 2009

Guitar Hero World Tour vs. Rock Band 2

I'm a big fan of rhythm games- they help me discover some great music- but currently, when you say music game, either Guitar Hero or Rock Band comes to mind. OK, maybe Dance Dance Revolution or BeatMania or Guitar Freaks too, but that's another story.

Thus there will exist an internal argument (with yourself) when you consider choosing one of them. This post is here to help. Both of them have their pros and cons, but I personally decided to invest upon Rock Band 2 for the Wii. Find out after the jump.

Guitar Hero: World Tour
1) In all consoles, the features are pretty much similar across the board except for the Wii which has the useless, Wii Music-esque Freestyle mode. (Obviously though, the PS2 version is obviously not eligible for additional downloadable content.)

2) The addition of drums and microphone is a given. If you already have an existing guitar from past Guitar Hero games, it's compatible too. This way, you can have a complete band.

3) If you already have Rock Band 1 or 2, you can go ahead and splurge on just the disc. The PS3 version is an uncertainty though, and the Wii and PS2 iterations? Dream on. Still, you can get the best of both worlds because Rock Band 2 in all platforms support all Guitar Hero World Tour peripherals with PS3 once again, an uncertainty.

4) More songs than Rock Band 2- specifically 2 more, although some songs are the same with the ones on Rock Band 2. Still, they're all master recordings, meaning that the songs are the genuine article- the ones released originally. Popular songs are abound there ("Beat It" comes to mind). Not only that, you can compose your own (or download the compositions of others)!

5) Touch sensitive fret bars are available as a response to Rock Band's introduction of a second fret bar located at the bottom of the guitar for solos. These touch sensitive fret bars put some variation gameplay-wise in the form of a "purply-roped" fret.

6) More celebs in motion-capture glory! If Guitar Hero 3 delivered Slash (and a few other guests), this one delivers even more.

1) This one compelling reason made me not want to buy Guitar Hero World Tour in the first place, and that is the technical issues that plague the hardware. GameSpot reports that fret buttons get sticky after a day, the touch-sensitive bar doesn't register hits accurately and the general public agree that the all-important strum button doesn't register only after a few hours of play. Additionally, the cymbals of the drums do not work very well, many people say.

2) The Music Studio may let you create your own music, but it's definitely not user-friendly- not at all. You'll have to have a never-ending patience just for the sake of ringtone-esque products.

3) Less artist variation is a bit of a minor problem. The setlist has some artists that have 2 or more songs! So the case may either be, you'll hate those set of songs, or you'll love them. The unprecedented succession of these songs may annoy those who hate the set.

4) Unstable downloadable content release dates have been plaguing the series since Guitar Hero 3. While the Rock Band series has a steady weekly stream of downloadable content available for craving fans, Guitar Hero owners will be left wanting.

5) Aren't motion-captured celebrities too uncanny and disturbing? It's like watching Polar Express -shudder-

6) All those instruments need their separate Wii remotes in the Wii version. What the hell?

Rock Band 2
1) While the release dates aren't simultaneous for all platforms, you can't really blame Harmonix since development duties weren't really delegated to several developers like in Guitar Hero. Now that all platforms finally have Rock Band 2, one could say that they also are pretty much feature-identical unlike its disappointing predecessor. Of course, PS2 owners don't have downloadble content.

2) Addictive Band Tour mode is extremely varied and non-linear, and progression is much more rewarding.

3) Rock Band 2 can transfer Rock Band songs for 5 dollars. This is because of song re-licensing. Unfortunately 3 songs aren't permitted for transfer, and this includes "Enter Sandman".

4) There is a lot more variety song-wise in Rock Band 2. One artist, one song ratio (unless you download from the Music Store). Notably, the inclusion of an exclusive Guns N' Roses track from Chinese Democracy (which at the time wasn't released), I guess, is a plus.

5) Online matches seem much more addictive than in Guitar Hero. Song scores are automatically uploaded online and there is also an option to access the Tour mode online.

6) The Downloadable Content available in the Rock Band Music Store is amazing. In total, counting the songs included in the Rock Band 1 and 2 discs, there are 572 songs in the Rock Band universe. Additionally, downloadable content downloaded in Rock Band 1 are compatible with Rock Band 2 so there is no re-purchasing. Wii owners finally get this as well.

7) Two words: No Fail. While the concept sounds oh-so lame, it's actually useful especially during parties- which is where this game usually shines. If you are having difficulty with the game and keep failing on one part (and get annoyed with that), or if you just want to ram on the buttons, you can use this mode. Moreover, bandmates won't have to worry about wasting valuable "Energy" just to save the failed fool.

8) Reliable instruments. The drum pedal is notably reinforced with metal. Plus, it doesn't need Wii remotes for operation, just AA batteries (included in the box!).

1) For the Wii, Guitar Hero: World Tour instruments are compatible with Rock Band 2, but Rock Band 2 instruments aren't compatible with Guitar Hero: World Tour. But this is due more to the fact that Guitar Hero: World Tour was released significantly earlier.

2) Wii and PS2 owners don't get the song transfer feature. This is due more to the lack of a hard drive in both consoles.

3) Wii owners have to wait very long to get the back catalog of songs available for the PS3 and 360 for a long time. At least the schedule is weekly and not uncertain like in Guitar Hero.

4) In paper, Guitar Hero seems like the more sensible purchase.

5) I'm not sure if Guitar Hero's setup is the same, but unpacking Rock Band 2 is a big chore.

There, I've got my points numerically listed for your convenience. If you've been considering which to buy, here are the reasons why you should or should not buy either one of them. For me, Rock Band 2 is the winner, but not all share my opinion obviously.

February 21, 2009

Movies Opening This Week (Week 13)

When I'm stumped while doing these posts, I'll just write the movies you will not want to watch. Ever.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
Ever remember the 90's? Yeah, that was when the first live-action Street Fighter came out and it starred Jean Claude Van Damme and the late, legendary Raul Julia (his last project, unfortunately). I'm not sure as to whether this errr, "movie" is connected with that other piece of crap but there is one thing I am sure about: it's gonna suck.

I don't even know why Capcom approved of this. Is it because Street Fighter IV's anime cutscene of Chun-Li related to this? As excited as I am to get the game (and find a way to get it) I don't even wanna know.

Trailer can be found below. Hell, even Dragonball Evolution's was more exciting than this.

February 15, 2009

Rock Band 2 Wii Hands-on

I've waited months upon months, called number upon number, and now, I finally have it: Rock Band 2 for the Wii- funded by a shared amount of saved allowance 5 months in the making.

Here's the thing: setup is a bitch. OK, roll out the cardboard artwork, get a blade for the packaging tape, take the tape off the sides of the front of the cardboard found inside, then the back. You know what, I could go on all day.

Moving on since I don't want to bore you further, here's something that you might want to know: Guotar Hero Wii peripherals are guaranteed to work with this game, but not the other way around. Additionally, Rock Band 2 Wii peripherals are not in dire need of additional remotes ala Guitar Hero as they come with their own USB powered sensors.

So on to the game, finally! I'm already sweating since the setup is pure exhaustion, and here we are introduced to several modes. The mode we tried for the night are the Quick Play and World Tour (local) modes.

In Quick Play, you can set your own playlist for successive, uninterrupted play like in Guitar Hero World Tour and you can also set to choose songs one at a time, whichever you prefer. The default list of songs (meaning that not all 84 songs are present right out of the box yet) are pretty good, but my favorites for now are Eye of the Tiger (a track that Guitar Hero also has), the Duran Duran song Hungry Like the Wolf and Paramore's recent hit That's What You Get.

In the World Tour mode, you and your band (aka, your friends and family) can embark on a journey to the top of the rock and roll mountain, while earning cash with your custom-created characters. The character creator is pretty flexible and the randomized band names are really fun.

Here we go to the instruments themselves. Personally, I thought that the guitar could use some more tactility, but other than that, it looks more plasticky and toy-like than the pictures depict and is a solid controller. Like a real guitar, you hold down on a fret, and strum with the other hand.

As for the drums, they're great, responsive, and somehow deceptively simple as it is easy to learn but hard to master. Gameplay-wise, people who are seasoned with the guitar may find a bit of difficulty with this control scheme (that is, if they're making the jump to band games) but Harmonix says that real-life drum players will feel at home. Can't really know whether the claim has credibility or not, but I just thought you might want to know. You might be happy to know that the sticks included are made of what seems to be real wood, so you can also do a "5, 4, 3, 2" with them and sound half-credible.

Playing vocals is like playing SingStar, although I haven't really played that game yet. A wavy line is displayed so if you don't know the song, you can still get through that song by just saying gibberish and getting your vocal range to match the lines indicated on screen. It's fairly accurate, and not that difficult unless you get to Hard which requires you to be precise with pitch.

Guess that's all I have to say about the game for now. Tune in for a review some time in the future.

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Australia: You can separate this into parts

Starring Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman
Directed by Baz Luhrmann

The latest film by lauded director Baz Luhrmann, Australia is a stylish epic that involves a woman from London named Sarah Ashley whose husband was killed on the outback of Australia. She inherits his cattle farm and tries to get it back to its former glory which will be a challenge especially against the big Carvey Cattle Company. Fortunately "Mr. Rover" and an indigenous child named Nala appear and help Sarah to achieve that goal. Yet, this is during a time of war- the second World War- so the people have to be wary of the Japanese.

Back then, I thought that this was gonna be the epic that'll sweep audiences off their feet, but after watching it, I left it feeling rather exhausted. Why? Because the film is exceptional! Exceptionally long!

You could say that the epic tries to be a hybrid of several genres and social topics- but they end up seemingly more like a ruffled hodgepodge of pressing issues of social discrimination, revenge, cattle and some romance shoehorned somewhere. The way how they are tackled don't seem very seamless, in fact it's like they unfold in a queue! Hell, some scenes feel as if they don't belong to the whole damn movie (we could've done fine without the journey to the Australian port and the 15000 cattle; maybe a montage would suffice).

After reading reviews when it first came out, I now had the impression that this movie was gonna be really corny. And while I can't say that it wasn't, I can't really say that it's super sappy either. There are streaks of brilliance (the incorporation of the ever-famous Wizard of Oz song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow, personally) showing in this mostly aesthetically-pleasing film, but meh, the sequences that follow turn out to be either overlong or just plain predictable. 

***2 EXAMPLES***
"Let's look at that indestructible indigenous grandpa first so we can see the effects of discrimination of the whites! Oh yeah, zoom in on that shot. Closer... closer... a few more seconds... and cut!"

Lady Ashley: "You're fired!"
Fletcher: "I HAB MAY REE-VENJ!"
Drover: "Crikey!"

Additionally, the influence of music in this movie makes me feel like I'm watching Pocahontas: Her Australian Brother. All it needs is for the wind to have color.

It's just long, seriously. I can count 3-5 moments when I thought that the movie was about to end! It feels as if the whole movie could easily have been divided into 3 parts or something! I mean, the way the story's movie unfolds literally feels like chapters in a book- in a bad way. It's like I'd rather read a junioralization of this than watch it again.

That's not to say it's bad, if I'm misleading you. It's just that you need plenty of time to spare to be able to get into the swing of things. It's kinda predictable too, but I wouldn't think many would mind it all that much. Bottom line, it's just OK.

Rating: 6.7/10

February 13, 2009

Is this the new iPhone?

First it was an aluminum casing, then it was curved black plastic, and now... it's metal, maybe.

MacRumors.com has reported that the website iPodObserver has posted "leaked photos" of the upcoming iPhone. Obviously it won't be dubbed iPhone 3G so the picture gets a teeny bit of credibility, but aside from that, what seems to be a mock-up is pretty darn believable. Last year, the same website- iPodObserver- posted correct photo leaks of the iPhone 3G's backside, so there's quite a bit of reason to believe this rumor to be true.

Now, features-wise, what happens next, Apple? I mean, the phone's getting multi-core mobile processors or something, ain't it?

February 8, 2009

Oscar nominees for Best Picture reviewed (except Milk)

The Oscar nominees for Best Picture are: Frost/Nixon, The Reader, Slumdog Millionaire, Milk and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I am ready to review most of them as I have yet to see Milk anywhere.

I've already reviewed the Benjamin, so I'll provide a link instead. (Curious Case review)

Starring: Michael Sheen, Frank Langella
Directed by Ron Howard
Universal Pictures

Richard Nixon is the only president in the United States to ever resign from office, and despite the resignation he still didn't confess about Watergate. A year after the resignation, David Frost- a successful talk show host in Australia and London- decides to try to take America by storm by interviewing the man. People say that Frost isn't the right man for the job, and the production is already financed by debt, so everyone is already fretting for its success. Still, a war ensues...

First and foremost, the most noteworthy thing is most likely the cast. Of course. The cast gives extremely strong performances, and if Frank doesn't get an Oscar, I'll throw a rampage. Seriously, the performances are worth the ticket alone. The two make the movie very gripping, intense and sweaty, despite the fact that one would already know the outcome.

Like many others, I will certainly compare this to a boxing match- only with words, brains and charisma- the two have their respective 'coaches', there is a big audience watching in suspense, and everyone is waiting if the challenger can beat the veteran. It's that intense.

There are some parts one may find boring (although it may become impossible since the meaty stuff are constantly shown in alternation with some documentary-esque segments), and the contents aren't always understandable since it is after all American history, but this history lesson is very much welcome for anyone who wants to find out the happenings beyond Nixon's resignation and Watergate.

If anything, all this success should not only be credited to the actors involved, but also to the well-written script. If you want to see a monumental argument, this is one for the ages.

Rating: 9.3/10

The Reader
It's a Holocaust story that's not that amazing.


You can say that it's simply mediocre at best, but the thing is, Kate Winslet also manages to elevate the movie a slight bit- which is perhaps the factor that influenced Oscar voters to nominate this. I mean, Ralph is also a great actor, and the two of them don't really deserve this movie. I think that this movie needs to simply be forgotten, and yet because of Winslet, it just barely passes the mark.

Anyway, it's about a German teen named Michael who gets sick. Kate Winslet's character Hanna takes the stranger in. Suddenly, in a very random fashion, they engage in sexual activities! WHY? Well, I don't know, but Hanna becomes sex guru to Michael and they meet everyday. Suddenly, Hanna factors in a book reading session... JUST BEFORE they engage in their daily activity, thus the title.

Unfortunately, this part of Michael's life is too mundane and takes too long to progress. The
meaty part is that trial that occurs as this is where Winslet radiates. I mean, yes she already saves the production from going down under in the first part, but this part is where she really gets to let everything out. What is she doing? She's defending her dignity as she is ashamed to admit her illiteracy and because of this, she gets convicted for something she didn't even do, well, technically. That's because she was part of the troops of Hitler and she with a several few more women soldiers were accused of letting Jews die, but she wasn't the one who decided upon that.

Yes, her illiteracy could've changed everything.

Expectedly so, Michael gets to know about this fact, but he decides not to turn the case around just so she can have her self-esteem... for herself.

Another really unnecessarily long sequence follows, revealing Michael- now very old- recording tapes of books and sending them to Hanna. Hanna learns to read during her sentence, and they meet.

The ending? Oh God, it somehow makes the whole movie extremely pointless. I don't know why, but I get the feeling that it does that. I mean, she has more reason to be prouder of herself by that time, and she could restore her life, at least for just a bit. Hmm, at least the ending was shocking!


It feels overly long thus making it boring, and boy does it need a better story. Not really amazing, at first captivating, and it tries to emit this facade of being a very deep story. Unfortunately, it emits more snores than captivation. Yup, I don't see the point of this being nominated at all aside from Kate Winslet.

Rating: 4.5/10

Slumdog Millionaire
Probably my favorite of the lot, Slumdog Millionaire is that kind of movie that comes once in a blue moon. It's unique in its execution, its hybrid of film genres works, the aural and visual elements jive together extremely well like a newlywed couple, and the performances are just top-notch.

While I predict that the girl who plays Latika won't win the top plum, I'm betting my balls that the whole damn movie wins Best Picture. I seriously love how charming it is and how it reaches into your emotions without being overly sappy.

But before I get ahead of myself, let me give a synopsis. So we have our protagonist Jamal being tortured by some guys. We find out that one of them's actually the host of the Indian version of the game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and then you get pulled into the movie. Why is a host of a rather rusty game show torturing the young man? How did the 'slumdog' become a 'millionaire' when he hasn't even received much formal education? Why did he join in the first place?

Well, the refreshing way of how it introduces you to a series of flashbacks enable you to become even more curious of Jamal's life as a child in the slums and the reason as to his situation in the introduction. After going in, you'll never ever get out. This is one movie you'll never want to skip a frame of, because not only is it stylish, the visual flair also blends with a harmony for the ears- a great soundtrack. There are only a few vocalized songs, yes, but both elements blend to give a real feast for the senses- somehow reminiscent personally of movies like The Dark Knight or Benjamin Button.

The performances are very good as well. I mean, the kids- they're awesome performers. Extremely convincing and natural, the kids. The grown-ups are also very strong performers, and since the lead is unknown, the man is a pretty fresh face to see in a movie.

You will root for Jamal, your stomach will churn as the climax arrives, and you will receive a mixture of emotions in the ending. I mean, the ending... that's the only con I have with the movie. I'm fine with the outcome itself, but the way it's presented? It's a mix of emotions over there. I mean, you see a certain event, and then you see another event that is its entire opposite, so you'll be like "No, wait! I'm not finished feeling this emotion yet! What the hell is happening? No! Stop! Pause... OK, now play.". Maybe I'm exaggerating, but for me, it's just one of those moments.

That dance number, you'd probably already heard of it if you're craving for it to reach theaters or reading the reviews, and that adds to the mix of emotions. It's like implying that ignorance is bliss or something.

Still, the movie as a whole is extremely entertaining, and hard not to love. Despite the seemingly basic romance story, it still feels extremely fresh and unique. It truly is worth a watch and you won't forget it any time soon.

Rating: 9.6/10

Movies Opening This Week (Week 12)

Just banking on a seemingly mediocre bank movie.

The International
I don't know why, but maybe it's the cast that swayed me to recommend this one. I mean, it looks like a "meh" movie at best and I'd wait for a DVD, but Clive Owen and Naomi Watts are the movie's big catch.

Anyway it's about this bank that uses money for murder, corruption and the like. Clive Owen is there to stop it.

Cool poster IMO, and... does that last sequence in the trailer resemble a part of Quantum of Solace? The set I mean.

February 7, 2009

Mac Oddsomeness: Word of the Day

Here's another feature I'll probably start maintaining: Mac Oddsomeness. What is it? Well, it's all about the oddness of some Mac features that end up extraordinary (or just really fun). And no, it won't be a weekly thing.

What's the first thing you'd want to do when you get a computer? PERSONALIZE! You instantly connect to the Internet and then take hours picking the perfect wallpaper, and looking for a great screensaver to download.

Windows and Mac aren't different in those fronts at all, but when you talk about the pre-loaded screensavers the two operating systems come in with, Macintosh outshines Windows not just aesthetically, but (fun)ctionality-wise.

Meet the "Word of the Day" screensaver. While the Macintosh comes preloaded with even more interesting screensavers (which I'll cover in what might be later editions), this one works right out of the box without the busywork. It doesn't even have to be connected to the Internet to work, because OS X already comes with a Dictionary application built-in.
Now some of you may think: that's lame. It is because its purpose is to only show a person a word that they might already know (or don't know), which is also the beauty of it. I mean, who wouldn't jump at a chance to impress (err...) peers with quirky words?

It's nearly useless, it's odd, and it's fun.

February 3, 2009

Movies Opening This Week (Week 11)

Henry Sellick returns with his stop-motion friends minus the Tim Burton factor.

The world is routine for Coraline (Dakota Fanning), but when she discovers a portal to another world right in her room, she sees a spooky "Alternate mother" (Teri Hatcher) and pretty much a lot of very nasty but interesting things. Directed by Henry Sellick, the stop-motion master behind Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.

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