July 17, 2010

Movies Opening This Week: In Soviet Russia, Children Adopt You

I seriously cannot remember the last time I saw Angelina Jolie in a major action flick kicking ass by herself (hell, I think it's been 2-3 years) so it comes as a somewhat welcome surprise that the UN ambassador is back in:

Even if she's in the UN, her role involves an international conspiracy set up by the Russians. Whether she's been framed or not, the authorities are after her due to accusations of being a Russian spy sent to kill the president, and it's a good thing she doesn't have adopted children, nor Brad Pitt, to keep her down.

I've watched an earlier trailer of this movie and frankly I think this one's a bit more exciting, a bit better. I don't know whether it's my current mood that's dictating that but there's something about it that feels both awesome, and just emotionally devoid of danger or risk. It's kind of like Bourne without the thrills.

But really, it's just Jolie in her element: kicking ass and proving herself once again that it only takes a bee-stung lip to be awesome.

While Jolie's back up and kicking ass, Brad Pitt's probably distracting their children with:

Ramona and Beezus
I've never heard of any "classic children's literature" based on those names before. They just sound alien, or maybe a contrived kid-friendly version of the expression "Jesus Christ". Whatever the case, this Selena Gomez vehicle is clearly aimed at the tween market, but I think it's also trying- maybe even a bit too hard- to appeal to audiences other than that.

I've a good feeling that it won't be particularly bad, but I can't say it's interesting either. It's all going to depend on whether the little girl headlining the actual thing (Joel... something or other) will be adorable enough to make it click. I can't see much of that right now, but I have a feeling that it'll just be "adequate". It won't be anything disruptive, it won't do much after its first week at the box office, and I'm willing to bet it didn't cost much either.

I think it would work better on DVD, as a background movie while you're cleaning.


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