July 17, 2010

Apple addresses antenna issues... kind of

In a surprise move, Apple invited media outlets to attend an impromptu press conference to address the increasingly loud antenna complaints that are coming from all over the... markets that the iPhone is officially sold in. The last straw was probably when Consumer Reports advised against getting an iPhone only because of the antenna issues.

Really, the issue can be reproduced with other phones, but the thing is, in real world usage, there's not much about it that affects anything. Those who want the signal to attenuate are the ones who will intentionally place his finger/s on the death spot. It's only more pronounced on the iPhone 4.

After playing the YouTube song (found above), Steve Jobs went on to business about the iPhone with numbers and statistics that really seem weird for me. I don't know, it's just skepticism. Whatever the case, it's still a good thing that Apple's plan is to give out free bumpers (however crappy they are) to all iPhone 4 customers until September 30, and are not planning a total recall (which would overly humiliate the company). If you still don't like the iPhone 4 with the bumper and the non-attenuation of the signal, you can have your money back.

That's actually a great deal.


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