April 7, 2007

It's another Sanjaya ranting session...

A radio announcer's currently living in a tent while a girl's in a hunger strike. What do they have in common? They're American, I know, but aside from that, they're doing this stuff (maybe) not just for publicity, but for Sanjaya. VoteForTheWorst.com should take pity (wait a sec, it's pointless to take pity on these 2 Americans... now I see why they don't mind those 2) and not vote anymore... hell, they should be banned from texting (just wishing) the votes to the worst singer of the lot... They made Jasmine Trias a 2nd runner-up in the 3rd season because of this site, and her singing's terrible! (Good thing the Jasmine Trias mania is over...)

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