July 14, 2007

Congrats to Cath!

Wow Cath, you have really outdone yourself. At least all that stress wasn't equivalent to nothing! I mean, you are THE youngest Editor-in-chief of the school paper, is that cool or what? Being in this position means that you are THE total literary genius! LOL.

Best of luck on the upcoming issue and may the paper prosper in your hand. Once again, kudos to you, Cath! You deserve it! :p

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  1. WOW! Special mention on two posts already! LOL

    To be real honest wth you, I still somehow don't believe that notion -that I am the EIC because first of all, that'd be hard. Second of all, marwin was officially crowned last year as the eic, definitely not me!

    I think they are, I don't really know,... haha!

    We already have problems because no one, I mean no ONE wants to be the Sports Editor! Everyone hates sports!

    btw, ya should have joined!!!


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