July 17, 2007

My real post will be tomorrow... But in the meantime...

Have you seen this feature? It's something new from Blogger. :-D Anyway, I'm currently hooked with the old party song, Day-O and that's pretty much my life today. No assignments, no worries, just carefree me! LOL.

What you'll see tomorrow:
I've got it all planned out. (Of course with the exception of a few unexpected additions here and there, this is pretty much the things I'll be posting.)
Oldie Movie Review: BeetleJuice
Music Album Review: My Chemical Romance- The Black Parade
Poll Overview: Has anyone responded positively to my question or is it all just full of negatives?
Of Microsoft and MacBooks: Activation is.... VALID?!
WTP?!: It's not Watdapak, it's What's the Point?!.
If I Had...: ...an iPhone. What I'd say about this new line of Apple products IF I had one.


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