October 11, 2007

Sick: A Poem

October tenth, I woke up,
Feeling ready like a pup.
It was the ZongHe test,
I was ready to do my best.

Breakfast came along,
someone was singing a song.
It was "Like A Virgin", no doubt,
and his voice was like sauerkraut*.

I went up my room,
and felt like my doom.
It was my stomach, I surmised,
so I kept it a secret and eventually went flipside!

I finally told ma,
but she had no time to scream, "WAH!",
and gave me medication,
to ease the pain and irritation.

Twelve the clock ticked,
and I still felt sick.
So I went to puke,
and it felt like rebuke.

I went to school,
keeping my cool.
I still barfed when I arrived,
but I still went up alive.

I slept and slept,
until one forty-five crept.
To mark the start of the test,
I gathered strength to try my best.

I felt numb and nauseous,
and I went out cautious.
For I was in a state of wooziness,
to the point of unconsciousness.

I rang my mom promptly,
and she came to school instantly.
I packed my stuff and left,
in a hurry like I committed theft.

I went back half in rue,
but in bed I stuck like glue.
I slept and slumbered,
and a fever suddenly occured.

It fluctuated and normalized,
and made me feel hypnotized.
At one point it was already thirty nine...
point eighty-nine.

But morning came,
and I came to blame,
a Krispy Kreme beignet**,
for which I skipped my ZongHap test.

I'm going to test it,
after the English bit.
Indirectly after Araling Panlipunan,
sometime in the hapun-an.

*chopped cabbage pickled in brine

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