December 1, 2007

Things I Hate About Christmas

No, I don't hate Christmas in general and no, I'm not talking about presents and religion as well...

1) Damn Traffic!
The traffic is the thing that comes with the Christmas rush, and in the Recto and Soler roads, this is an especially applicable scenario. Even in different routes is there clogged traffic, and if it does move, you'd only get to move, what? Three centimeters?! I regularly pass by the two aforementioned roads since they are a few feet away from each other either to go to the gym or to have a cup o' joe. But what's the use of getting a quick cup of coffee or a strenuous workout if you're merely going to sit it out in the car for 1-2 hours?! Yes, that's how mind-numbingly, hair-pullingly, unastonishingly slow traffic is right there. I could've come and gone to and from Makati in less time than that! But I can't totally blame Christmas for this as a huge lot of malls are present there. The biggest traffic conductor of them all being 1.6.8.

Yet another hair-pulling frustration that comes in December is the damned Smart BRO slowdown. If it's not slower than dial-up, connection is near-impossible. More frustrating is that it is unstable as well when it does work... Good thing I got Flock for that sudden inspirational moment (for blog posts)!

3) Onslaught of Bossa-Nova Christmas Songs
Well, my father rode the bossa nova feel-good musical trend last year and even bought a Bossa-Nova Christmas album. Well, he doesn't like the songs either but "sayang" daw eh. Then again, I don't know if he is indeed going to play those awful renditions this time around...

4) More garment shopping
No, not for me, but for my sister. There may not be anything wrong with all the walking and the browsing and the fitting but she doesn't exactly like tiangge clothing that much. This "hate" is probably fueled by my "excessive frugality". LOL.

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