January 28, 2008

Meet The Spartans: Yet another crappy hit (The Box Office Report)

I never knew that "Epic Movie" was a box-office hit until now.

Well, it seems that the makers of these kinds of movies have churned out yet another lackluster spoof movie, and its theme is centered around "300". It also features other characters from other movies ("Ghost Rider", "Transformers", "Rocky Balboa", etc.) and manages to make them all coherent and err... "funny". Like its predecessor, it has also received an almost rock-bottom rating of 5% in Rotten Tomatoes, and yet it has become a huge hit with the masses in America. Well, it just goes to show that Americans do have bad taste, because if these people continue to even watch these movies, the creators will still strive to make yet another one next year... And it seems that it will indeed happen.

Actually, before it is also another (not as) crappy movie which is the follow-up of the growth hormone ingesting Sylvester Stallone. "Rocky Balboa" may have enjoyed astonishing critical and commercial success, and though this other revival of a long-gone series is quite gory and updated this time around, it's a miss for Stallone (at least with the critics) this time around.

Unrelated (Gaming News)
It seems that in every passing day, Super Smash Brothers: Brawl for the Wii gets even better and better. Now, they have even added the option for you to actually play demos of many brawlers' games like Super Mario Bros. (Mario), Metroid (Samus), as well as the games of less popular characters in the line-up. Note that they are mere demos and not free games (though it has not been confirmed whether all of them are demoes). It has been delayed to March 9, but Wii owners are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes that Nintendo won't let them down. (Well, I think doubts should be cast aside anyway, because Japanese gaming publication Famitsu gave SSBB a perfect 40/40 wherein 4 critics give 10 points each.)

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