January 22, 2008

Want a Band name? Do it the Alex Navarro way!

You most probably don't know this, but Alex Navarro is quite the celebrity to the gaming journalism world as he is a regular contributor to Gamespot. However, he is also an outgoing contributor there due to the fact that Gamespot's other editors and reviewers Jeff Gerstmann and Frank Provo, left. But no, this post is not about that issue, but it's about a blog post from Alex Navarro's blog that I want to share with everyone. It's quite a stupid but addicting timewaster that everyone'll probably appreciate, especially if you aspire to get a band.

(For the original post, though, click here.)

1) Go to the Wikipedia random article page. Whatever title the article is, you got your band name!

Me? I got CA, Inc....

2) Next, you can check out a site called "Random Quotations". The last four words of the last quote (este, scroll down to the lowest part of the page) are your album title.

Well, I got "Death as an Inevitability". Nice.

3) Then go to Flickr's "interesting photos from the last seven days" section. The third picture on your page, no matter what it is, is your cover!

Here's what I got:

4) Now, go Photoshopping with it to make it look coherent. For me, I used GIMP instead.
Ta-dah! LOLOL. I'm getting addicted now!

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