January 24, 2008

Wii gets Wiirder (and other gaming news)

A new study has shown that surgeons who play Wii games that promote precise movements have also had better results in a virtual surgery conducted afterwards. However, the study made in Phoenix, Arizona did not state any testing of surgeons in surgery simulator Trauma Center, which emulates their profession even better than most.

Of course, surgeons shouldn't always do this before emergency surgeries, now that would be idiocy.

Swedish executive freed, Gizmondo returns?!
I don't know if you remember anything about it, but the Gizmondo handheld (not to be confused with the Gizmodo tech blog) was quite the flop in the handheld race in 2005 (the year when DS and PSP were released) and faded into obscurity. The former executive of the company that goes by the name of its product, would then crash a Ferrari Enzo (don't you remember? It was November 06!) and plead no contest to embezzlement.

Actually, his sentence was supposed to run for three years, but now, he's getting out early. Yeah, he's still in detention outside in LA and he's just waiting for his passport to come. Heck, a website has popped up claiming that "A Legend has been Reborn". Right... a legendary flop.

Will Kratos return?
The PS3 is still missing its big franchises. Metal Gear Solid has even fallen back to 09, but hey, Final Fantasy's getting there. Still, PS fans (including me) will miss Kratos this year, because rumors say that he too will be slated to '09... late '09. But a Sony exec dismissed this, saying that there has been no release date slated for the game and will remain so. It actually makes sense that it'll probably be pushed to 2010, seeing that development of "the big guns" seems to take soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
long. And hey, Sony is not one to rush a game, they know better than that!

5 Million Wii's sold... in Japan
Well, well, well. The li'l white box that could is still quite up and running, especially in its home country, and especially after Wii Fit's release. 5 million's quite a huge number for one year, and maybe the 100 million mark may not be far behind? Because the figure is only in Japan. Wii Sports would still top the software charts (note that it's sold separately in Japan), Wii Play at second because of its bundled controller, Mario Party 8 for the trademark board-game style gameplay would take third, Wii Fit with its interesting balance board at fourth and the greatly received Super Mario Galaxy taking fifth place. Maybe it just goes to show that the Japanese are not so hardcore after all, and the untapped market of casual gamers has finally been squeezed out by Nintendo.

Devil May Cry 4 Demo released... what's the point again?
The barbaric difficulty of the hack-and-slash action game Devil May Cry 4 is finally unleashing its satanic wrath on the PS3 and for the first time ever, the 360. But the demo that's gonna be released tomorrow is not far from its slated release date- February 5. So this I ask, is there that much of a point to spoil the game for fans who can just wait a few more days for the real deal? (The demo is online tomorrow at XBox Live, and at the 31st for PSNetwork.)

Wii Get Mature
Finally, a game targeted for the "mature" audiences! No More Heroes, as GameSpot has stated, is the game they have been waiting for, and you know what, maybe I'll get it. However, I'll have to cite different sources now, especially with Alex now leaving the bandwagon. You know what? Maybe I'll go IGN. Or not. They seem to give high scores to fighting games that don't really deserve as much... X-Play? Nah. Too few. Damn you, C-NET!

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