February 18, 2008

PREVIEW: II-1- The Ultimate DVD

At the end of the school year, I will definitely be burning all of II-1's videos from as much video providers as possible. Hell, I'm not even sure if that will even happen in just one disc, but I'll try to make put it on only one. This serves a lot of purposes: 1) My computer will be relieved of much space and 2) We'll have a hell of a lot of memories to keep. JUST DON'T LOSE IT THOUGH.

Organized Interactive Menus

Plenty of Slideshows

Never Before YouTube-d Footage

Unedited, widescreen (as much as possible) videos

Projects and presentations

DVD-ROM Content (Access every picture and if possible, video)

Release date:
March 5. 2007? *I am already doing it now*

Basta kasama na rin to, since practically EVERYBODY thought it was a comedy trailer:

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