February 25, 2008

A SUPER Review

Stumped with all those bulky videos? Why not convert them? Or how about converting some videos for you PSP, iPod or cellphone? Oh you're gonna have to pay people for that now, wouldn't you? Well if money is a problem, then how about a meeting with my free video converting buddy SUPER?

Don't mix this one with Super Video Converter, which is not free, because this one does as advertised, and once again, FREE! Yes, it's kinda hard to navigate that damn eRightSoft website, thus preventing you to actually access the download link, but there are alternatives you know? (I'll give it to you once the post is finished)

***WARNING: Some tech terms below. (Yes, from this day on, this warning will appear when tech terms appear. Hopefully, I will remember.***

Anyway, I stated in the title that this is a review. So yes, I have experience with it, and well, they're kinda mixed actually. The one in my computer (before I found the alternative download link) was actually a 2005 version, and that version didn't handle my huge MPG files (Handycam, DVD, etc.) very well and it sucked during .MOV (QuickTime by Apple) encoding. But this time around, when I found the 2008 February version, it was a hell of a lot better. .MOV encoding worked most of the time, I repeat, MOST of the time, and it did a hell of a great job at that.

You actually get a skinnable, more user-friendly (compared to others, but it's also kinda intimidating) interface and it has almost every little codec (or video formats) that you can think of, and those so-called codecs come with the installer itself. So yes, installing is simple, quick and very easy.

But when it did NOT work. IT IS HELL. During the '05 version, I got white videos but good sound after conversion (to .MOV) when played in Quicktime (but they were great in VLC Media Player), and when I got the '08 version, it would display dialog boxes that one will never understand, and the file... well, you won't really get the file once these things appear.

And another bad thing about this is the fact that most of the essential options (such as Output Video Folder) is on the right-click folder (but still, it is stated in the title bar that you can find more options by right-clicking everywhere), but one very great upgrade is the preset options for iPod, PSP, PS3, DS, and other stuff.

eRightSoft has to fix the drag-and-drop mechanism for Vista though, it doesn't always work.

***TECH TERMS end here. At least most of them.

Overall, despite the occasional uncertainty that SUPER will not convert any of your videos, or that your videos will end up white at times, SUPER, when it works (which is most of the time), is a VERY GOOD FREE converter for Windows machines. I mean, my 400+MB MPG file became 90MB without any noticeable loss! That is how good this is.

HERE's the download link: http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/video_encoders/super.cfm

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