April 8, 2008

Microsoft and your "raight" brain

The Wii's still on-demand in the US, and since Microsoft is the only company in the competition without it, they're planning to release a motion-sensing controller as well... or so they say.

Yep, it's just a rumor, but an unidentified representative drew this sketch of what the controller would've looked like:
Look at this, it's got Paint drawn all over it! Plus, handling looks very awkward. Do I hold it sideways, or do I hold it upright? Heck, the main buttons are too close to the analog stick and the trigger button underneath is... wait, there's also a trigger button underneath?!

The difference it has from the Wii remote form factor is a microphone. But what good is shouting commands over it than voice chat?

But do you know what it reminds me of? It reminds me of this:
It's a game controller believe it or not for the 80's console Intellivision by Mattel. And why am I reminded of this? Because this controller also looks awkward to handle like that Paint picture for the XBox 360. So, Microsoft, even if I'm not on your side in the console wars, please don't do this. OK, maybe you have money but the thing is shit. If ever the rumors were true, people will be going to the PS3. And it's still a terrible system for now.

Train your "raight" brain
GameSpot just reviewed a little Sega DS game called Brain Assist. It doesn't sound like a Brain Age rip-off, huh? Anyway, it's a game that sounds like it isn't even worth an illegal download, unless you want to speak broken English.

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