April 19, 2008


(This is the second post in my "US Live Blog" series. The first one being the post titled, "Turbulence!")

We're still unexpectedly here in Hong Kong. But as much as I love that country, the agenda here is going to the United States. More specifically, the Los Angeles International Airport which takes 12 hours from Hong Kong. Yes, Hong Kong.

Apparently, you should know now that what we're riding is a cheaper connecting flight. First from Hong Kong, then to the destination. We should've been halfway there by now, but bad weather conditions and the plane itself are contributors to the damn problem.

They let us stay hungry and f**ked in that damn plane for a very damn long time- 6 hours, and another hour in the gate, when they finally let us out of the damn aircraft.

I'm f**king pissed right now but how'd you feel if you were stuck in this situation? Cranky, right? As I type this, we are almost boarding once more (in 15 minutes) which also equates to 11:45 pm and we're leaving in 12:30 am. Damn! We were supposed to be already on the air since 4:50pm!

What's more is that the row my dad, mom and me sit on has broken audio. Can't we at least enjoy some decent entertainment on-board? Fuck this.

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