June 14, 2008

To the Yahoo! Messenger n00bs.

I think people are already smart enough to know how to differentiate real notices and chain mail. Cellphones also saw this coming with fake "Send this to 5 people for free load." scams and such, and now the Internet- or rather Yahoo! Messenger- has the same thing.
Although it has been having these messages ever since the dinosaur age, it has been increasing at an annoying rate lately, with the same modified message that's been sent to people over and over and over again. I should know, I translated it to Pig Latin and sent them back for revenge.

And that message is one that has been existent for years now and it's the "Yahoo! is shutting down" message.

But still, I understand that our section has so-called n00bs (or in plain language, newbies) and I should be right to think that most of them also have cellphones. So I am very much dumbfounded to find out that the people I've regarded as smart enough to differentiate chain mail from real mail is not working their brain enough. And that case is so severe, that they even went to Google to research on that! Wow!

So noobs, PLEASE turn on the mail filter God gave you: your brain- and stop annoying the hell out of everybody else.

UPDATE: Besides, would YOU like it if I sent it this way:

Yahooay isyay uttingshay ownday onyay Augustyay 17thay. Eythay antway otay etgay idray ofyay eefray essengermay. Ifyay youay eleteday isthay andyay on'tday asspay ityay onyay, youray amenay illway ebay eletedday. Ayay otlay ofyay eoplepay avehay alreadyyay eenbay eletedday. Ightray ickclay onyay ethay oupgray amenay ofyay youray uddylistbay andyay ickclay, Endsay Instantyay Essagemay otay Allyay inyay Oupgray


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