July 17, 2008

A Post Long Overdue (But Thought Up Just Now)

A few minutes before the bell a while ago, our uber-kind Chinese advisor suddenly blew up in an outburst of irritation, and that was because someone was cutting stuff while he was discussing our new set of problems. He made points I totally totally agree with, such as being able to learn Chinese for practical use, and to attend these classes for the sake of actually learning. It's also true that many people don't know the true value of the Chinese part of the school's curriculum and the fact that it would be such a waste, what with all this inflation going on, to fail the subject that makes up half our tuition.

I seriously, wholeheartedly agree with all his statements.


Even if I was enthusiastic about learning Chinese (I mean, I don't really think it's "walang kwenta", just... a burden), I'd instantly lose all of that stuff were I to actually do it the Chiang Kai way.

I mean, take a look at the newest Chinese History (Zong He) memorization scam now!

Of course, the back part's included.

But OK, minor exaggeration since my teacher shortened it a bit, but regardless of that, it's still effing long. OK, I'm memorizing, am I learning anything? F**k no. It's like this question and answer portion was made up by Adolf Hitler, and wherever he/she is, s/he's either probably dead laughing from schadenfreude... or I killed him/her.

This just makes my really kind Chinese advisor really hypocritical, but he's just a teacher, he won't influence the administration!

It's been said before, and I'll just say it again: If lessons are just literally being shoehorned onto our damn brains, is it a surprise to see people not wanting to take Chinese seriously?

Memorize nga, but it'll end up going out the other f**king end. If that's not the epitome of stupidity, I don't know what the hell is.

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