August 2, 2008

How to browse without hassle

There are simply some browsing habits some people can't seem to break, and after they get their share of "browsing", they usually have to click several menus, maybe even access the Control Panel to remove all traces of his/her browsing history and whatnot- which is more or less a hassle that most have become accustomed to.

This usually assures your parents (if ever they actually inspect your browsing habits) won't know jacksh*t, or make sure that your younger siblings stay wholesome or something, but haven't you ever wondered why no browser has ever, ever put an option that allows you to browse in confidence, and not record everything you do?

Well, there's actually a one-click solution, you just haven't looked close enough.

Let's look at Safari. What is it? Well, it's the preferred browser of Mac users basically since it's made by Apple, but it also has a Windows version. Both versions are almost identical, with Windows having the bonus feature of modifiable search providers and at times, in my experience, even faster speeds than the one on Mac at times. So yeah, it loads pages faster than any browser I've used to date, and it opens faster than any browser I've used to date. But no, I've covered all that in the past, and no one probably gives a damn about SnapBack, but oh, here's a feature that'll have you shouting, "Why haven't they thought of this before?!". What is it? Well, it's Private Browsing- and it does as advertised.

It's simple: open your browser, select Edit in the menu bar, click Private Browsing, click OK, have fun.

You won't be leaving any tracks, your history will not be updated, the cache will not be used, and exiting the window means a permanent goodbye to visits to the menu bar and the Control Panel. You'll ne'er be caught in your tracks, that is unless the browser hangs*.

*Percentage of chance of hang is high when using Windows Vista, although the blue screen will replace the whole screen anyway.

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