September 7, 2008

On My Playlist

Just thought of putting this up just for the heck of it. Anyway, I've recently been avidly adding plenty of unfamiliar artists and enjoying the fresh structure they have given to my music habit, and I just thought that I'd share it with the rest of the world. Well, here are some artists you could try listening to. Of course, it's not guaranteed to suit your taste, but whatever.

If you're Filipino, the first thing you'd do is laugh at the silly name. It's like saying that the band name could've just been 'The Brooms' instead, or 'The Sticks', but no, they're the Ting Tings, and they're actually the kind of band you'd hate at first, but grow to love later for some reason. Their songs are unique and catchy, the grooves are nice, and they're as indie and British as you can get. Highlights include "That's Not My Name" which reminds me of "Hey Mickey", "Great DJ" and the song that skyrocketed them to fame in the first place: "Shut Up and Let Me Go" in the Apple iPod ad.

2) OK GO
Have you ever watched a certain YouTube-esque video a few years ago on either MTV or Channel V that involved treadmills and 4 gentlemen? Well, if you haven't, try and look for Ok Go and you'd probably see that video at the top of the list. But the Chicago-based band doesn't rely on cheap but fun videos solely, they have a whole album- and it rocks hard.

It sounds like a mix of retro rock and current trends, and you don't exactly get nicely made songs of this kind all the time, which is why I love this band.

This guy loves his falsettos.

He was a struggling artist, and then he finally got the notice of a major recording company, thus Life In Cartoon Motion. The songs here are extremely infectious and smothered with the stuff of pop and cryptically weighty subject matter, thus making for a unique but wholly enjoyable listen. Highlights include the overplayed "Grace Kelly", "Stuck In The Middle", "Happy Ending" and the giddy "Lollipop".

I haven't delved very deep into their album yet, but from what I've heard, the tracks are pretty solid.

She's a nice singer, and her songs are pretty nice. Many radio-friendly tunes can be found, and they're all pretty pleasant to the ear. Highlights include "Vegas", "Between the Lines", "Morningside" and "Love Song".

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