October 9, 2008


Creator Suda 51 has been wanting to jump in on a No More Heroes sequel, and now... it's coming true!

If you don't know what the original game is, it's a terrifically bloody game that stars a hentai otaku named Travis Touchdown who gets conned into this Assassination Association. Your goal is to become the number 1 assassin, basically. It was universally lauded in the West, and frankly, I find the game excellent myself. If you want to understand the original game's premise further, just watch the video below.

So now you can see why I'm blogging about this: I'm stoked.

The sequel to be released next year probably gets you back into the boots of the lightsaber wielding Travis, and based from the trailer, it's still gonna adhere to the original cel-shaded look which I like. In the trailer released just recently in the Tokyo Game Show, it shows Travis fighting this... woman who has huuuge weaponry that makes her look Doc Ock from Spidey 2. It's not exactly stunning or anything, but just the confirmation of a sequel just makes me want to go and play the original again which is a lot of fun.

Just don't know where the story will pick up, though and what the new additions will be and if Suda would even be available for this one. He's a busy man what with Unreal Engine 3 work and Fatal Frame direction.

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