November 6, 2008

Lea Salonga the Gamer

I just read the Entertainment section of today's (Nov 6 08) paper, of which I am a fan of Lea Salonga's column. And interestingly enough, she had "video games" in the title, so I immediately started to read. Now, judging from past articles, I already know that, at some point, she plays video games, but nothing boosts one's respect for an already respectable thespian when you have some favorite titles in common (or maybe just some darn good taste in games). In short, Lea's pretty hardcore.

Her 10 picks as written in her article include (click here to read her insights on each title):
1) Tomb Raider series
2) (the original) Super Mario Bros.
3) Final Fantasy X and X-2
4) Bioshock
5) Crisis Core: FF7
6) God of War
7) Viva Pinata
8) SSX series
9) Burnout 3: Takedown
10) Ninja Gaiden

The list took me by complete surprise, really. Hope her "Cinderella" run in Hong Kong becomes more successful than it already is. (And judging from the pretty sloppy writing, you'd see that it's obvious that I only wrote this on a whim.)

On a side note, I'm pretty sad that Joaquin Phoenix quit showbiz. :/ He was a great actor, and thus a great loss to the showbiz world. We need more great actors, really.

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