November 25, 2008

Movies Opening This Week (Week 3)

*This post was a bit overdue. I had this on reserve for a long time.
Last week, there was nothing interesting in the theatrical canon. Now, there are pretty much a few.

Baz Luhrmann makes a comeback in the star-studded romance Australia. It's the story of an English aristocrat (Nicole Kidman) who inherits a farm and makes a reluctant pact with a cattle driver (Hugh Jackman) to protect it from a takeover. The twist in this romance is that it's set near World War II, thus chaos ensues and they even get to witness a bombing.

When we're talking about Sean Penn, we usually talk about Academy-Award nominated performances and a unique movie. So who is he playing in this movie? Well, he's playing Harvey Milk- the first ever openly gay person ever elected into office in America (and where else but in San Francisco?). If it wasn't obvious, it's a biopic. And he gets to kiss James Franco... errr, not exactly my idea of a good time in the movies, but whatever.

Anyway, it talks about how Milk got into office, and got shot the same year.

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