November 11, 2008

Philippines Apple Store Now Online

I received the news in my e-mail, and it was pretty cool. Now you can order products right after Steve Jobs announces them, you won't have to go through traffic and fill forms to get that MacBook you were lusting form, and you don't even have to pay extra for shipping (when purchase is above 3000 pesos) nor engravement.

Yes, engravement.

Well, my dad decided to take the new Online Store for a spin, and after he made his Apple ID, credit card credentials included, he bought a 4th ten iPod nano as my youngest brother's Christmas gift with free engravement of his name for identification and bragging purposes, LOL.

Anyway, as any online store should be, shopping is relatively painless, and the nano is surprisingly cheaper than in SM or Hong Kong even! Of course, it doesn't apply to the whole product line, but the extras are cool, and you have one extra color to choose from when you order online for the nano (Product Red for AIDS foundations).

Plus, you cab configure extra parts for new Macs. Unsatisfied with that 250GB hard drive? Expand it! Something like that...

Potentially and personally, the most exciting thing about this is that Apple is one step closer to completing its Philippine tour, ending with a locally flavored iTunes Store as well.

I can't wait to see how the nano will look like with an actual engravement. When my brother does get it in the next 3 weeks or less, I will be sure to review it for you all.

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