January 13, 2009

Movies Opening This Week (Week 8)

Life starts at 40. Lest you be a rapper.

Last Chance Harvey
Big names, small film. What is it about? It's about a guy named Harvey- played by veteran Dustin Hoffman- who loses his job, and his daughter doesn't want him to be the one to give her away, as is the tradition, in her wedding. Now as his life seemingly falls apart ego-wise, he meets a girl named Kate- played by Emma Thompson- and shows how anyone can fall in love and start over at any age.

But let's be honest, Hoffman is 70-ish and
Thompson seems to be in her late 40's. How is this thing gonna work? Well, critics rave about how they have so much chemistry, so naturally, I'm curious. Add in the caliber of the actors involved and you have a seemingly predictable romantic-comedy that has an irresistible pull.

Gran Torino
I think I'm gonna love, love, love this film.

There's not a racist slur that war veteran Walt (Clint Eastwood) doesn't love. Set in contemporary Detroit, Walt observes a change in society and the demographic around it, especially when a family of Hmong people move in next door. When neighbor Thao attempts to steal his muscle car to start a gang, he decides not to play nice.

Gran Torino is shaping up to look like a movie that proves that Clint can still be badass at 70. And just looking at the semi-humorous trailer will show that. Additionally, it's simply unique.

The story of the life of the rapper Biggie, he seemed to show promise even at an early age. He became big in the rapping business, but got shot to his death- similar to that of rival Tupac Shakur. Stars newcomer Jamal Woolard as Biggie Smalls, and produced by P. Diddy and Biggie's mom.

Looks like a good biopic to me. Not really big (no pun intended) on my rappers, though.

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