February 7, 2009

Mac Oddsomeness: Word of the Day

Here's another feature I'll probably start maintaining: Mac Oddsomeness. What is it? Well, it's all about the oddness of some Mac features that end up extraordinary (or just really fun). And no, it won't be a weekly thing.

What's the first thing you'd want to do when you get a computer? PERSONALIZE! You instantly connect to the Internet and then take hours picking the perfect wallpaper, and looking for a great screensaver to download.

Windows and Mac aren't different in those fronts at all, but when you talk about the pre-loaded screensavers the two operating systems come in with, Macintosh outshines Windows not just aesthetically, but (fun)ctionality-wise.

Meet the "Word of the Day" screensaver. While the Macintosh comes preloaded with even more interesting screensavers (which I'll cover in what might be later editions), this one works right out of the box without the busywork. It doesn't even have to be connected to the Internet to work, because OS X already comes with a Dictionary application built-in.
Now some of you may think: that's lame. It is because its purpose is to only show a person a word that they might already know (or don't know), which is also the beauty of it. I mean, who wouldn't jump at a chance to impress (err...) peers with quirky words?

It's nearly useless, it's odd, and it's fun.

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