April 29, 2009

iPhone App of the Week: Platypus

Ever remember the glory days of the Nokia 3310? Maybe you upgraded it in Tutuban or something so your phone could sing as it turns off? Or maybe you just wanted to make your own picture messages with that editor? Whatever you did with that old phone, one thing always stayed the same: your addiction to Space Impact.

That game wasn't exactly the original side-scrolling shooter, but it might as well be the first mobile one. Thankfully, developer Handmark is bringing that to the year 2009 where colorful, vivid touch screens are the norm, and what do they call it? Platypus.

Featured in the 2nd iPod touch commercial, Platypus is a very colorful side-scrolling space shooter that has a distinctive look to it- basically it's all made out of clay.
This aesthetic definitely works for the iPhone and the music has that retro 8-bit feel to it- which I definitely love even if sometimes it becomes repetitive.

The gameplay's simple: lead your plane to the end and shoot everything in your path. By default you fire your missiles automatically, but you can make it stop by pressing the little "FIRE" button. In general, it's a good game, but you'll have to decide on a control scheme that works for you. It will be either "Touch" which enables you to move the plane through the touch screen, or "Tilt" which lets you move the plane by tilting the iPhone/iPod touch. To be honest, I like "Tilt" better because you can calibrate it so it can work well and you won't have to block the screen with your finger because enemies and obstacles can come from all sides.

The difficulty of the game is varied, the pace is relatively fast, and the power-ups are key to becoming a killing machine. True, there are power-ups that just suck, but you'll get to have a favorite among the 3 (or was it 4?) of 'em. Just getting the star will enable you to activate the power-up, while getting the power-up will require you to shoot all orange-colored enemies.

There's nothing else aside from the aesthetic that's fresh and original from Platypus, but it's a great time-waster and may even remind you just how addicting Space Impact was, because quite frankly, this game's addicting as hell too.

Rating: 7.8/10

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