April 24, 2009

More Details on LEGO Rock Band

You know about the LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Batman, right?


Well, if you do know and love them, LEGO Rock Band might just be the thing for you. Taking a break from extremely famous movie franchises to extremely famous gaming franchises, Traveller's Tales' flagship (?) kiddie franchise does the unthinkable and goes on to blend both worlds.

You could always wait, but I got me some new juicy details, after the jump.

Staying true to the brand name, the two developers have decided upon a new gaming mechanic that would revolutionize all Rock Band and LEGO games forever.

Yes, you're gonna make your own instruments from LEGO blocks! Amazing!
True to the other games, the literally LEGO made instruments will also resonate on screen. If the Fender Stratocaster is the default guitar you first use in the real Rock Band games, then that LEGOcaster will be the default guitar in LEGO Rock Band. Just... wow. Not as cool as that literal axe, but still, awesome.

Just be careful with those fret buttons... perhaps LEGO Rock Band won't even have a Hard difficulty because of this thing.

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