May 31, 2009

E3: Games I'm Excited About

E3 is a gamer's haven because it constantly is not without any news of some kind of great thing, be it a console, a game, or just an earnings report. With just about 16 hours (as of this writing) before the new, reborn E3 starts, I just felt like listing down the games I'm excited about that will appear in this year's E3.

In no particular order:
1) The Beatles: Rock Band
To my surprise, I'm kind of excited to learn about what the game has to offer- basically the setlist. What fan favorites and unreleased recordings are there to be heard in this psychedelic spin-off?

2) Brutal Legend
Fine, it's been revealed a long time ago, but despite that, it's still gonna be rockin' in the show. I was pretty damn skeptical at first, what with the "using your axe as a weapon" premise and all, but after reading positive previews from various sources, I'm pretty excited for this game. Even cooler is that it uses album art from various metal bands to create looks for boss characters, backgrounds, etc..

3) God of War III
My lack of a PS3 doesn't really have to factor into the equation for me to be excited about this game- the series is that good. Now Kratos has to fight the freaking Titans, so obviously a lot of epic stuff is gonna be shown in E3.

4) Bayonetta
A vixen is gonna hunt people down and kill them with her... hair? From the creators of Devil May Cry, this action game looks just as frantic and just as crazy as its demonic counterpart- which is a good thing.

5) Final Fantasy XIII
Now that this game is getting to the 360, it's also likely that it's gonna get ported over to the PC- which is probably the primary cause of excitement for me because I don't own neither a 360 nor a PS3. And hey, this is Final Fantasy, and it's been in development hell for far too long now. Maybe a release date will suffice?

6) New Mario or Zelda game
The Nintendo fanbase has been calling out- and it's time Nintendo got the door. This E3 most likely has at least one of these games up their sleeves- if not, they also have Star Fox, or Kid Icarus to show, among others. Last year's E3 was such a disappointment for Nintendo that they'll surely do something to make everyone less bitter about it.

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  1. Bayonetta is still my top pick for this E3. After the announcement of the PSP Go, my E3 wishies have been fulfilled. Are you going to watch the press conferences live?


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