May 21, 2009

Reality Shows Ruin Lives

DISCLAIMER: The reality shows featured here are not necessarily bad. Some of them I don't even watch. At the end of the day, sarcasm remains.

The biggest trend that is still 'in' in TV land is the genre of reality. As you'd know, these kinds of shows typically feature either nobodys or celebrities being hounded by cameras 24/7, and they may even go through processes of elimination or exist as a social experiment. Whatever the case, there is something in common with the lot of them, and it's the fact that it ruins lives for nearly every party involved- even the winner's (or celebrity subject's).

Some examples (in a handy numbered format):
1. American Idol- One of the biggest examples of lives being ruined is this show. Kelly Clarkson just put out 'My Life Would Suck Without You' which is a tragedy in itself, Ruben Studdard And Taylor Hicks are failures, Fantasia got stuck in Broadway and David Cook didn't get to be with his brother when the man died (my condolences) because he had to catch the red eye to the Philippines.

2. Jon and Kate Plus 8- Another high-profile divorce is in the works supposedly, and that might be because Jon and Kate the reality show made Jon and Kate the ordinary humans into Jon and Kate the greedy reality corporation. Now I suspect that Jon and Kate would still be so much in love if their sextuplets weren't so high-profile. Instead, they're on the verge of emotional ruin-- think of the kids!

3. Newlyweds- Possibly a spiritual predecessor to Jon and Kate minus the kids, this might be the direction where Jon and Kate might go. I didn't get to watch this show, but I didn't see Tony Romo anywhere in the commercials back in the day. Wonder what Nick Lachey is doing now?

4. Dancing With The Stars- The unexpected ABC hit doesn't exactly give those stars any more of a star power push after the fact than when they started the season- at least in my eyes. The point of this competition is rather lost on me, and so is the point of it's Filipino counterpart, 'Shall We Dance' (or whatever the hell they renamed it). Additionally, Cheryl Burke is just gonna be stuck in this show forever, trust me. By this point, I'd actually expect her to be in some other project now.

5. The Hills- This show brought Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag to fame; they are the biggest attention seekers in recent memory, arguably. Need proof to the claim? They are/were in a honeymoon. In Mexico. With face masks. 'Nuff said. (Basically, this renders the lives of entertainment show viewers ruined because there are bigger fish to fry)

6. The Bachelor- While it may be a bit of a long shot, the bachelors who eliminate girls might encounter one of them in a quest for revenge. Hey, it could happen.

Quite frankly, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. There are probably more reality show disasters that possess a comparably bigger magnitude than the ones featured, but who knows?

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