June 12, 2009

Convention is the downfall of man...

...so get Scribblenauts!
I'm sorry if I had to go out on a limb and blurt out some pretentious title for the sake of the post, but it's exactly what Scribblenauts pretty much aims to do.

What is Scribblenauts though? It's a pretty darn cool Nintendo DS game that lets you solve puzzles in any way you want by typing in virtually any common noun (and even some proper nouns but it's limited) with the on-screen keyboard and positioning it on whatever is blocking your way to the finish line.

It scores you based on how creative you are with your puzzle solving skills. For example, the game wants you to cross the river. What's the first thing you'd do? Summon a bridge, right? Well, what about we fly on a bird and kill the bird with an atomic bomb when we cross the river? That'll probably garner more points... or destroy the entire level. The possibilities (and not to mention the fun) probably won't even end there.

You can even summon God and test His power against the elements, and I mean creatures like a Stegosaurus, Dracula, or even the Kraken. No really, I'm not even making this crap up. I wouldn't even dare try.
But just knowing that it's actually possible to stage fights that you can only dream of, is pretty sick.

Despite it being nearly unheard of in several gaming circles (the kiddy aesthetic doesn't help either), I think it's actually one of the best games on show this E3. I'm looking forward to actually trying it out. It's ambitious, it's been proven to work with a crapload of nouns (expect, well, pee-pee and vajayjay), and it just looks awesome. Stay tuned for it September, DS owners.

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