June 9, 2009

iPhone App Demoes

A new tradition Apple has taken upon things that have to do with the iPhone is to demo a slew of cool iPhone apps.

The first company to demo was Gameloft with Asphalt 5. It has 47 licensed cars, and a few bicycles thrown in for good measure. Yes, it's basically a racing game that lets you listen to your iPod library- a first- as you drive and the graphics are actually kinda pretty.
It also has the features that will become standard on probably all iPhone games: local multiplayer through Bluetooth, worldwide online competitive modes, and DLC that nickel and dimes the player. I'm sure we'll see something abusive from Capcom some time in the future.

And here's a cool, more practical app: Airstrip Technologies' Critical Care. Unfortunately, I have yet to actually see a video for it. But when you see it in action, it's actually pretty cool.
Next is the Iceberg Reader which features quite a few books, magazines, textbooks and newspapers that you can buy.
Again, there's still no video of it, but I will update this post when a video comes.

What America considers to be the most major app demo is the Tom Tom GPS app, which also comes complete with a companion car kit. It seems pretty sweet indeed since you won't have to buy an extra GPS unit, but the thing is, Philippine maps probably don't exist there. Fail.

It was actually rejected in the App Store at first, but now it seems Apple and Tom Tom are getting buddy-buddy. Apple actually has a leg up Microsoft with this since Microsoft recently charged Tom Tom for patent infringement or something like that. Actually, even cooler is that the car kit will also charge the iPhone.

Then Neil Young from ngmoco demoed a game called Star Defense. It's an RTS that's actually available right now, but the expansions that are not free have yet to be in that version. iPhone 3.0 firmware users will get that.

45-year old company Pasco also wants to make science fun for kids through the iPhone app Spark. I'm not sure how fun it is, but at least it helps you do science experiments, like say, measuring the air pressure and how it lowers and increases when inflating and bursting a balloon. Unfortunately, I can't even find a video nor a picture, but I'm gonna update this when I do.

But here's a cool one: Zipcar. It basically lets you find all the Zipcar branches and reserve a rental of a car. You can even unlock or use the horn of your car if you can't find it. We don't even have a Zipcar in the Philippines so it's useless here (and will not probably even see the light of day in the Philippine App Store).

Here's another gem: amps for your guitar. And I mean a real guitar. Line 6 who makes amps collaborated with music iPhone app devs Planet Devs to make a pretty damn cool app. You can connect the amp to your iPhone, and the guitar will definitely sound like the amp you select.
It's so sad that there isn't any video right now.

Obviously, I'll have to do a lot of updating here. -sigh-

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