June 9, 2009

No more aluminum MacBook.

The first thing Phil Shiller told the audience was that not only were they gonna put SD card slots on nearly every MacBook they have (but no iMac?), but they were gonna rebrand the 13-inch MacBook and claim that it is a MacBook Pro.
This would've split the sides of Apple fans and force them to choose a stance on this. But the thing is, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is basically the 15-incher by way of it actually having a FireWire 800 port and an SD card slot. Nothing else new is really added to the 13-incher, but apparently, those additions including the default backlit keyboard, constitute a MacBook Pro, therefore, what was then the MacBook is now the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

It's only the 17-incher that's actually not gonna get an SD card slot, and it's pretty ironic. Still, audio professionals probably would still want the ExpressCard slot, so Apple was most probably torn. Additionally, all of the MacBook Pro's support 8GB of RAM now.

Moreover, the prices have been dropped like crazy. Basically, the price of entry for the new 13-inch MacBook Pro has become even cheaper than what would've been the price of a 13-inch MacBook yesterday. If you bought a MacBook yesterday, you're screwed. Feel the pain as they are all available today.

An even bigger pain in the ass is that all of the MacBook Pro's have the "enhanced battery", therefore they cannot be manually removed by the user. Isn't that banned in Europe now or something?
What of the MacBook, then? Well, it seems that the old white MacBook returns to the primary line-up, therefore it will also receive the more regular upgrades to processor, RAM, etc..

Entry price for a 13-inch MacBook Pro (wow, I gotta get used to that) is $1199, a hundred dollars cheaper than the then 13-inch Aluminum MacBook. 15-inch MacBook Pro is also 300 dollars cheaper at $1699 and the 17-inch is still the same $2299. The plastic MacBook is still $999.

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