June 9, 2009

Safari 4 gets final

Maybe you just downloaded the Safari 4 Beta and liked it. If you did, then you'll probably like downloading the final version of the standards-compliant browsers.
It's medium-scale size-wise at 45MB, but there is actually a huge new addition to the browser. Not only does it feature a more stable overall feel, it also features the much awaited "sandboxing".

First introduced in Google Chrome, tab sandboxing basically involves different tabs acting like different entities. If one tab fails, the others don't. Plug-ins also have the same feature: if the plug-in crashes, the other windows aren't affected, and you can just restore it, seemingly by clicking on it. At least, that's how I understood the keynote.

Additionally, the final version doesn't have the Chrome-style "tabs on top" layout anymore, and it seems to be returning to the old style ala Safari 3 or Internet Explorer 7.

People have complained about Safari being a resource hog, however, so if you have an old computer, you may have to turn off Cover Flow or just boycott it altogether.

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