July 1, 2009

iPhone App of the Week: Delicious Library

A companion to the Mac inventory app, Delicious Library is a convenient way to check your inventory of books, movies, video games, etc. right from the palm of your hand. That way you can check whether your dad isn't buying his 3rd copy of that House of the Flying Daggers DVD.

The catch here is that you'll need to actually buy the full Macintosh app Delicious Library 2 before you'll be able to think that this app is even of use. For now, the only purpose of the iPhone app is a viewer, but what a gorgeous viewer it is for those who actually own the software!

Anyway, the app greets you with a dialog box that lets you choose whether you want to pair your Mac library now or have a Sample Library displayed.
When you're under Wi-Fi, you'll be able to wirelessly sync your Mac library to the iPhone app. Surprisingly, it's as painless as using Apple's Remote app.
When your iPod touch or iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot and has the Library app open, Delicious Library 2 will immediately spot your iPod touch or iPhone and let you choose the stuff you want to sync in an iTunes like device page.
When you either touch the Sync button from the app itself or click the Sync button from the computer, both machines will let you know that the library information is being transported over the air.
When the long process is finished, you'll finally be able to bring your library anywhere you go.
Fortunately, when your collection is below 1000, the page will load automatically without dialog boxes.
What's more is that it's readily searchable as well!
Very useful for me when, for example, I'm in Quiapo and I'm not sure if I already have a DVD of some movie I want. Unfortunately, you still can't add items directly on the device and sync them back to your computer, and this would've been a deal-breaker if the app weren't free!

But it doesn't hurt to request this relatively basic feature, does it? Eh, I guess one could take into consideration the data charges that'll accompany searching the Amazon database from the iPhone... and how about bringing that killer barcode scanner too?

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