July 4, 2009

Movies Opening This Week: From Yagshemash to Vassup? Edition

Before I get to this week's opening flicks, I'll have to apologize for my 2 week absence due to unexpected circumstances. It would've been fun to make fun of Transformers 2's noisy trailer, and comment on how unexpectedly low Public Enemies' Tomatometer is. But enough about them, let's get on with an even more outrageous character...

The outrageous Sacha Baron Cohen is at it again with a new creation. After Borat, you'd expect that everyone would be able to see through his shtick, but as his new movie suggests, people haven't, and that's because Cohen is so good with the improvisation thing that he can still keep his character even when a stripper is threatening to ruin his real-life marriage with Isla Fisher!

The real goal of Bruno, like Borat before it, is to act as effective social commentary. Are people who claim to be pro-gay, really pro-gay? How about all those prejudices that people hold with regards to race, adoption and other issues? Well, get to see it in Bruno- which will probably make you hurl and laugh at the same time with its sheer offensiveness. Prediction: it will also make a killing in the box office.

Bruno is actually enjoying a lot of rave reviews. True, it's not as universal as the original and relatively revolutionary social experiment-cum-movie Borat, but rave reviews are rave reviews. Still, you'd probably want to stay in the safe side of movies for now, and I've got the perfect thing for you...
I Love You, Beth Cooper
With a relative unknown as the lead, you'd think this movie would suck. And quite frankly, the trailer doesn't exactly change my mind.

At least they get points for trying to be more creative with the initial plot, though. The movie starts with a graduation, and when the valedictorian gets his chance to speak, he professes his love for the school's most popular girl Beth Cooper, played by Heroes' Hayden Panettiere (I spelled that wrong, didn't I?). Unexpectedly, Cooper decides to go to the nerd's house to show him the night of his life.

Quite frankly, Paul Rist looks just unbelievably old for a high school graduate. I would've believed him more if he were a college graduate, but I guess it was the way he plays the nerdy persona that got him in the role... or something. That goes for Hayden as well! Ain't she tired of playing the same archetype over and over again?

Whatever the case, I'm sure love heals all wounds even after you get hit by the side of a car!

Sigh, next week will probably be much more epic. Why? Harry Potter, of course!

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