August 1, 2009

Former President Cory Aquino passes away

More often than not, we've always maligned the study of history at one point in our lives, not because we weren't interested at the gist of it, but because we weren't interested in the tons of dead people we had to memorize. The repeated inconsistencies of various other books certainly didn't help, which is why EDSA I was (and still is) by far the most interesting topic of discussion for me. Many people lived through it, so the gritty anecdotes, stories and major events that happened have always been the most fun to read about.

Now, the stories have come to an end.

Today, the icon of People Power, Cory Aquino, has returned to her creator (and her husband) and was pronounced dead due to cardiovascular arrest. God Bless her soul.


“I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.” --Corazon Aquino, Saint of People Power, a mother, and a wife. 1933-2009

Her death, like Michael Jackson's marks the end of an era fondly remembered by many. It was she (but admittedly, not solely she) who played a major part in restoring freedom to the dictatorial rule of the Marcoses, and it was she who braved all the frequent coup's that would greet her all throughout her 6-year rule. The color yellow, like the sun, will shine forever. She will be missed, and she will forever be remembered.

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