August 24, 2009

Snow Leopard out in the wild August 28

Mac users can rejoice as the cheapest Mac OS X upgrade since 10.1 finally has an official release date!
Much speculation has been brought upon Apple's latest Mac OS X upgrade codenamed Snow Leopard being released a month earlier than Apple's proposed September window, and it's actually true. A few hours ago, Apple shut down the online store to gear up for the long-awaited official announcement of the release date, which is literally just days away. Now, people can pre-order the thing if they didn't already pre-order from Amazon.

My personal advice, however, is to actually wait for next year. Why? Apple will release a new version of iLife and iWork and update the Mac box set, which holds much more value since the Snow Leopard disc you'll be receiving there will not require you to have Leopard pre-installed (yay for clean installs!). Despite the deceptiveness of the $30 dollar version, it's hard not to get jealous of all the other users who will purchase that version and brag about all those speed refinements and stuff.

Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard brings native Microsoft Exchange support, Dock Expose, and more subtle refinements into the pre-existing version of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

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