September 10, 2009

iPod nano gets a camera

...and not just any camera, but an actual real live video camera. Is there a point to it?

At first, I thought, so... that's it, huh? But then, I saw this video of the nano having some awesomely psychedelic video effects that the iPhone needs to have as well.

Aside from keeping its anorexic-yet-attractive physique, the iPod nano acquired the new Genius Mixes (automatically random selection of songs that "sound great together"), a pedometer and even, yes, an FM Radio which is a huge surprise that no rumor ever covered.

Apple also advertises Live Pause which lets you pause a radio station at one point so it can continue.

You can visit the iPod nano page to judge the video quality for yourself. This sexy lil thing costs $149 for the 8GB, but you'll get much more value by shelling out the extra $20 for the 16GB one.

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