November 20, 2009

Chrome OS detailed

A few months ago, you probably heard that Google was working on a desktop OS of its own. While Android is making the netbook rounds, Google's new Chrome OS aims to take the same approach the company has taken with Android: open-source, fast, and web-driven.
This time, however, Google wants to emphasize on making the Chrome OS revolve around, what else? Google Chrome. If you already have the browser, you may already know that it's a fast, stable multi-platform browser that rapidly updates with new features as time goes by (and if you beg to differ, then your computer may have a defect). This is basically bootable Chrome as detailed in this publicity video:
So basically, Google is gearing towards the netbook crowd than the actual desktop, but the sensibilities around the OS do apply for the real netbook user. People basically buy netbooks for one thing: the Internet. That's why "net" is in the name, right? With the boot time of the OS clocking in at just a mere 7 seconds, it's probably gonna be a boon for the netbook makers.
Still, it doesn't hurt to be concerned whether Google's own "cloud" storage is actually safe. I'm not even sure what kind of "cloud storage" the company plans to implement, but they want netbook makers to switch to smaller capacity flash drives instead of the bulkier hard drive in preparation for this.
Obviously, if you are looking to install some software, you probably won't find much luck here. Microsoft Word? Nope. Adobe Photoshop? Ha! It's just you, Google and the Internet.
So Google, what about the developer support?

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