December 13, 2009

12 Days of Random Gift Ideas (Day 1)

Starting from now till the 24th, I'll be giving out random gift suggestions you can give (or receive, if you're into that kind of thing), that'll surely make a person go nuts. They'll range from the outlandish to the budget-friendly, because as I said, these suggestions are random.

So the first thing that popped up in my head was the PlayStation 3 Slim.

Ever since it was leaked, there was not enough reason to care anyway. People said, if Sony upped the hard drive and got the price down, then they'd care.

And care they did.

Not only does it retain the core PS3 functionality (minus the PS2 emulation and the Linux OS installation, which not many care about), it also ups the hard drive capacity, not to mention possess a very affordable price tag.

Now there's no excuse to not get a PS3, what with all the new games coming out for it.

In fact, the library already has some really great exclusive titles like Infamous, Uncharted 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 in its arsenal, and while you're playing those games, you can be rest assured that the titles will keep on coming what with Heavy Rain, God of War 3 (which looks damn awesome) and Final Fantasy XIV.

There's so much to like about the PS3 that I'm considering beating up my Wii and getting that instead. At least it actually has a Blu-ray player!

Now, there are a lot of hiccups with the PS3: some titles, like Assassin's Creed 2, look plenty worse than its 360 counterpart, the PSN is not the most robust online experience (but at least it's free), and I'm willing to bet that the Philippines won't be able to taste the benefit of getting the PS Store which lets you download indie games or demos.

Still, if we're gonna talk 360 vs. PS3, I'm PS3 all the way. Why?


Oh, and when converted from its US price, it's a mere 13800. That costs less than an iPod classic, FYI. In Hong Kong, it's even less: 12500 pesos converted.

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