December 15, 2009

12 Days of Random Gift Ideas (Day 3)

Apple stuff is expensive. That’s undeniable. So it’s quite refreshing to see Apple pursue a software deal that’s, frankly, quite irresistible.
It’s the Mac Box Set.

Perfect for the cheapskate Mac user who’s still stuck (and content) with just Tiger, the Mac Box Set not only includes the latest $30 OS release Snow Leopard, but it also includes the latest versions of iLife and iWork, which are both usually $80 separately. The Box Set is $169, so if you add the 3 items included inside, you get a 30 dollar discount, that’s 1500 pesos saved!

Granted, it’s a ton more expensive in the Philippine online store at 12990 pesos instead of the 8500 pesos it should cost, but people have their ways…

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