December 17, 2009

12 Days of Random Gift Ideas (Day 5)

Some gifts can go dated, and this is one thing that'll get dated unless the recipient takes action: movie tickets.

But this set of movie tickets in particular is probably gonna be something your recipient will thank you for, and these tickets are tickets for an IMAX screening of Avatar in MOA.

I have yet to watch Avatar myself, but based on the reviews, everyone is agreeing on one thing: it's a whole damn new experience that lives up to the hype of "something you've never ever seen before". It's 3D so there's glasses, but as the critics say, there's something even better about the special effects the James Cameron flick employs. Hell, Ebert even compared his experience with the movie to his first experience watching the original Star Wars. That's high praise indeed, but you may have to observe a bit of caution: the story is not the best and the running time! The running time!

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