December 21, 2009

12 Days of Random Gift Ideas (Day 9)

Knowing me and the bundles of posts I make, if you forced me to pick a laptop, it's gotta be a Macbook. Not only a plain ol' white Macbook though, but a Macbook Pro.

And while at first it seems expensive, the user later finds out how much better the Mac is than Windows. While Windows 7 has narrowed the "ahead-ness" the Mac has features-wise, I think a lot of the features of Apple's operating system is implemented better than that of Windows'. Still, the hardware is also very capable, and it even has not one, but two video cards when you opt for a 15-incher or a 17-incher.

Frankly speaking, Apple has gone a long way to ensure that their computers are actually competitively priced, and this Macbook is no different. The 13-incher is actually 55000 pesos converted, the 15-incher is a pretty steep 80000 pesos converted, and the 17-incher? Well, it's overkill. Don't mind that model (and it's expensive at 117000 pesos, which basically makes my statement of "competitively priced" hypocritical).

Design is a given, operating system is a given, hardware is a given, so what else can you ask for?

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