January 13, 2010

Apps Weekly: Minigore

Due to technical difficulties with my main blogging computer, I'm forced to blog using my iPod once more. It's not that it's bad, it's just awkward the way it handles multiple photos.

But the show must go on with indie favorite Minigore.

A zombie killing rampage in the most literal sense, Minigore is a top-down shooter that has a lot of power-ups and unlockables that'll keep you awake all night trying to rack up more kills to buy that character from another iPhone game.

You start out by selecting a character, John Gore at first, and when you select play, the game loads instantly and you can start mowing monsters down.

The left digital analog stick is used for movement, while the red analog stick is used for instant aiming and shooting, which works very well for this kind of shooter. Very basic, but still pretty fun.

As the monsters start coming, the screen alerts you of their position, so you can brace yourself for the oncoming onslaught.

Time goes by and the monsters get progressively harder to kill, as they do get rather huge. Sometimes, the monsters drop 4-leaf clovers which will aid you through granting you new weapons, or if you're really lucky, turn you into a freaking bull so you can ram them over.

But why are the prices for the characters so high, you say? Well, the game's main source for replay value lies in its unlockables which can be purchased once you reach a certain amount of kills. Kills, in this game, are like currency which you can cumulatively gather after you die (oh, and you have 3 lives too, which are visually indicated instead of placing it in the HUD). This is an aspect that was smartly placed because it'll definitely keep the player coming back to unlock Lizzie from Illusion Labs' Sway or that dude from Zombieville USA.

Of course, the characters do speak at times, but I found them to repeat quickly overtime.

Still, Minigore is worth a purchase if you're into top-down shooters that waste a whole night of your life.

Rating: 7.5/10

Apologies as I could not gather an iTunes Store Link. Heck, I don't even have a preview for this week.

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