January 10, 2010

Super Ramen BROTHers: Made in 24 Hours

iPhone development is booming, there's no doubt about that, and while anything coded within 24 hours undoubtedly won't ever be a match to the better games/apps on the App Store, you can bet that this free game, Super Ramen BROTHers, for the iPhone and iPod touch of course, looks much more polished than any of the bazillion (which, I just found out, is a legit word) other free games.

The concept, which was nominated and selected from a forum of ideas, ultimately came from a forum member named Sailor Jensen (so yes, I was literally talking about an actual web forum), and it goes like this: two ramen packets want to escape from the barcode reading laser of doom as they do not wish to go through a flesh ripping, boil-inducing hell of hot fire and boiling water.

In other words, it's sheer absurdity.

Which isn't a surprise because the developers really intended to base the 24-hour app on an absurd concept, and while they did code it- graphics, gameplay, art, music, and all- they were one minute late, but as they say, who gives a crap?

And did I mention that even more impressively, there are online leaderboards? Other games that take months to develop don't even come with online leaderboards!

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