February 8, 2010

Free Game: Every Day The Same Dream

The Internet has a lot of Flash-based games, and while this specific game is not an exception (which is actually good since it's basically compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, and some mobile phones), this game is the type of interactive story that makes you think deeply about life, to the point of actually adding to the argument of "games being art".

But enough about that bullcrap, let's discuss this free game.

Basically, this visually striking game is about the daily life of a man who leads a life purely based on routine. If the player plays it in a linear fashion, he/she only ends up repeating this cycle for hours on end. However, make a turn in the opposite direction and you might just encounter a few surprises along the way.

The game, while short and sweet, is also very thought-provoking and meaningful, as it tests your view in life. It's up to the player to see if this person will live the same dull life over and over again, or become a new person altogether. Every single step that deviates from the normal day is a step to seeing the ending, and it's just surreal.

Playing only involves the directional pad, and the Spacebar. Pressing on the Spacebar lets the character interact with specific objects in the environment.

After finishing the game (which didn't really take too long for me), I suddenly got to thinking about my own life; reflecting upon choices and decisions and the future. There has never been a game that has done this to me before, and this is only a free Flash game.

If you go to this link (http://www.molleindustria.org/everydaythesamedream/everydaythesamedream.html), you'll be able to play the game right now. It won't appeal to everyone, but damn it, it's strikingly thought-provoking.

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