February 12, 2010

Movies Opening This Week: It's Arkham Asylum!

Two legendary directors make comebacks this week, and coincidentally, they're both releasing thrillers. First one's from Martin Scorsese:

Shutter Island
2010's first Leo de Caprio movie has him possessing a bit of an accent, and a deputy badge. He pretty much goes into this asylum "reserved for only the most crazy", because of a patient that escaped, but things don't go as smoothly as planned.

The trailer actually seems a bit excessive, but it does look rather interesting. It kind of makes me scared that Scorsese might use quite a bit of CGI on this, as it has tinges of the paranormal, but hopefully he keeps that to a minimum, and this impression of mine is left to the trailer. I don't think it'll be Scorsese's best, I doubt that it'll be nominated for any Oscar, but we'll see when it actually sees release.

Frankly, it reminds me of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Batman isn't able to escape the asylum- also an island in itself- lest the Joker is defeated.

And it has Sir Ben Kingsley! That's actually kind of awesome.

The Ghost Writer
On the other hand, Roman Polanski, who is actually on a molestation case right now, is also back with a new thriller that's very much powered by the themes that define a movie that has this kind of story.

Wait a sec, PIERCE BROSNAN AGAIN? Third time this month, that bastard.

But anyway, the movie is about a famous British novelist called The Ghost (acted by Ewan McGregor who does a terrible English accent) who is set with the task of finishing the former Prime Minister Adam Lang's memoir. The former novelist of the former minister was unfortunately killed in an accident, so he was not able to finish the memoir... or wasn't he?

The Ghost suddenly finds out about the shady background of the former minister, and he's led to think that the "accident" that led to the old novelist's death was actually premeditated, so of course, there's no doubt about tension and chaos ensuing.

Really, just the name Polanski makes me ready to jump on board this ship, even if it looks like it'll be a bit conventional.

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