March 10, 2010

Apps Weekly: Plants vs. Zombies + geoDefense 2

Arguably, one of the best games of 2009 was the original PC/Mac game Plants vs. Zombies, and while it does lean a bit heavy on the casual audience, the game still had enough depth (not to mention the sheer number of towers) to attract hardcore gamers into the fray. Now that there's an iPhone version, that fix of Plants vs. Zombies will be available to you 24/7, unless your battery dies first.

Plants vs. Zombies
Pop-Cap Games
Rated 9+, compatible with iPhone 2.2.1

But what's so great about playing virtually the same game you finished a year ago (and I suspect, still play the Endless mode in from time to time)? Well, hell, it's PORTABLE. And it's sold for a mere fraction of the PC version's price, at $2.99 for 50 levels of zombies on your lawn, exclusive achievements, unlockable plants and plenty of charm, Plants vs. Zombies from the App Store is a no-brainer.

The premise, like the actual gameplay, is quite simple: zombies want to attack your house and eat your brains. Why does it have to be yours, who knows? But the thing that matters is that your plants must serve as your protection. With your pea shooters, wall nuts, and potato mines you will be able to "SPUDOW" your way into victory, and while it's not the most complicated piece of tower defense gaming ever, it's certainly one of the most well-done and addictive.

It's irreverent humor and quirky LSS-inducing song makes the whole game extremely fun and enjoyable to play; rarely will you find much frustration in gameplay. Hell, it could be said that Plants vs. Zombies is so much better to play on the iPhone than the PC, because the thing you have to do primarily is collect sunlight, which is your currency in the game. At nighttime, you'll definitely have to exercise some more strategy as they are ridiculously harder, and when the fog comes in, you'll definitely have a hair-pulling time. There are extremely many zombie types and even more plant types to choose from, and the variety that are made available for you at your disposal is extremely impressive, although you can also buy more weapons using coins, which are accepted by your neighbor, Crazy Dave.

I don't even need to explain further as to why you should have this game on your iPhone. It's just one of the best games on the App Store ever. BUY NOW.


GDC overtook a huge shift in focus for independent developers; and it was because of the iPhone. Many developers are showcasing their upcoming iPhone games, but this one is from a reputable name in the App Store since the man, David Whatley, has produced some of the most addictive games ever for the platform; namely, the original geoDefense, its sequel geoDefense swarm, and geoSpark. While it's arguable that geoDefense 2's name isn't exactly the most appropriate way to maintain some continuity, it's hard to even care because, well, geoDefense is just an awesome series of tower defense games!

Despite the lack of videos, photos or publicity, one thing is for sure: it will be a timed exclusive for the iPad. With that large touch screen, tower defense would never be the same again, unless of course, Steve Jobs introduces the iMat.

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