March 23, 2010

Nintendo introduces 3DS

After Avatar, every movie company has been screaming their respective heads off and promptly scurrying for their 3D cameras to cash in on the action. The gaming industry is actually no exception to this rule, and while nVidia has its fancy graphics card that requires the fancy monitor and the fancy glasses, Nintendo wants to take a different approach.

More specifically: they want 3D without the glasses.

While I have to admit that the prospect of that selling well is actually kind of high, especially since people don't want to pay for 6 more pairs of $150 glasses, I still can't find the point in all of this. There aren't really many details to be discussed about the device itself as of yet, but Nintendo is only hinting it as "the successor of the DS line", meaning that the 3DS will likely be a whole new playing field as far as Nintendo's handheld line goes, even going as far to say that "DS and DSi games are backwards compatible".

This raises a bit of hope that Nintendo will actually get rid of cartridges for its newer handheld games and distribute them digitally, ala the App Store or the DSiWare Shop. SD-HC will be the memory card, and Nintendo points are the currency.

Sounds rational, right?

Still, I have to mention once more: I can't find the point in all of this. If the system will be a huge graphical step up (as in, it'll possess graphics far superior to the PSP or the iPhone), maybe the upgrade will be a bit more warranted than that of, say, the DSi XL (which by the way isn't even released yet in the US). However, if it's just the same ol' DSi with 3D graphics, I don't see this device selling well, especially if cases of epilepsy or... 3DSickness or whatever get reported. It might just even be like a Virtual Boy... and we all know what happened to that piece of turd.

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