April 3, 2010

Movies Opening This Week: Post Holy Week Blues

If you're still in the Holy Week spirit, you might want to pass the time watching some inspirational content... at least that's what the media companies want you to believe. Whatever the case, any case of the Post Holy Week blues will probably be alleviated through...

Letters to God
Somehow designed to look like a Hallmark Channel movie, Letters to God is about a boy with cancer who wishes to communicate with God, as well as a postman who's lost his way in life. Both their lives intersect and there'll probably be a few scenes where one ends up with mother, and the boy will find much triumph in school... and whatnot.

The tone of the trailer is quite evocative of a tone that's so much more manipulative than, say, a Nicolas Sparks flick. It will force the tears out of your eyes and shake you until you do so.

It's true that I've misjudged movie trailers before (most especially Dreamwork's How to Train Your Dragon which is now, with near finality, at 98% in Rotten Tomatoes), but it's hard not to dismiss this one as a title better tailored for the Hallmark Channel audience.

Still, it's better than an unfunny comedy that wastes its star power.

Date Night
And this is looking like Exhibit A of that point.

Not new to cinema at all, a case of funny actors becoming terribly unfunny is something that's a part of cinematic history, but it never fails to disappoint moviegoers every time. SNL and 30 Rock's Tina Fey and The Office's Steve Carell already sounds like a night of mayhem and comedy, but the Shawn Levy-helmed flick doesn't seem to work at all.

Even more unfortunate for the film's prospects is the fact that Fey is not writing the script, thus ensuring the film a lot less clout to bank on. As you can already see, this film will be a bit of a disaster.

Chemistry needs work too. I mean, yes, they're a married couple, but they don't seem like one, you know? The simple premise could've worked, I mean, it's basically a married couple finding trouble when they take over the dinner reservations of another group of people, but it doesn't look remotely funny. Skip this.

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